Candle Safety & Wick Trimming

Candle Safety

  • Never leave the burning candle unattended. When extinguishing, make sure it is completely out with no embers glowing before walking away.
  • Never burn your candle near anything flammable or that can catch on fire. Examples include but are not limited to: furniture, drapes, reading materials, flammable décor, clothing, and hair.
  • Make sure you candle is out of reach from children and pets. Also ensure it is in a place where it can not be accidently knocked over by children or pets.
  • Ensure your candle is not burning in a draft or near a vent to avoid uneven burning, sooting, and excessive flame movement.
  • Do not touch or move your candle while it is burning or the wax is in liquid form. It is really hot.
  • If your candle begins to soot or the container becomes too hot to touch, allow it to cool, extinguish the flame, and trim the wick. If the flame height exceeds and inch and or is sooting it is too large and needs trimmed.
  • If your are burning multiple candles, ensure they are at least three inches away from each other so they do not affect one another by melting or creating a draft which would cause them to burn improperly.
  • Allow your candle to cool then relight after burning for four hours.
  • Allow your candle to burn the liquid wax to the edges on every burn to avoid tunneling (unburned wax on the sides).
  • Stop burning your candle, as it has reached its end, when there is only .25 inches of wax left to avoid the jar from overheating. If the metal wick holder is sticking above the liquid wax you are below .25 inches and need to extinguish the candle right away as it has reached its end. 
Wick Trimming
  • Wooden wicks are awesome and your candle comes already trimmed and ready to burn! However, KEEP YOUR WICK TRIMMED!! It is imperative to get the best performance and scent out of your candle as well as a part of candle safety. 
  • If your flame is too big it will burn too hot and reduce the hot throw. If the flame is too weak, the scent is not being heated enough to have a good hot throw.
  • Trim your wick to about 5mm before every burn by gently pinching off, or removing with wick trimmers, the excess and brittle black burnt portion of the wick. 
  • Trim your wick before burning, every single time!