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Elevating Spaces With Candles Inspired by Black Habits.

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Giveaway Winner (Love)

...I have my larger Black Ambiance candle lit in my bedroom upstairs and it’s overpowering my incense oil burner that’s infused with jasmine and peppermint and the cleaning products I used!! I’m BEYOND IN LOVE please enter this giveaway they are having on Facebook!! This candle is a odor eliminator as well!! Who knew!!The crackling sound of the wooden wicks just put you in a state of serenity!!!


Giveaway Winner (Just Cleaned)

The scent has a refreshing aroma that just lightens your day. I'm loving the gold metalic color...


Giveaway Winner (39th & Lennox)

If you are looking for some luxury, wood wick, smooth burning & highly fragrant candles with great projection, longevity and lingering effects, here you go...My Creole people will immediately know what this particular one is reminiscent of.. (Creole bread pudding & freshly dropped plarines) They are true gourmand scents ...their candles smell EXACTLY as described and baby I am beyond impressed